I am reading a book on money. The book is “Thou Shall Prosper” by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. I am not through the book yet but I’m challenging myself to talk about my character. How can I build my character.

My business is Me.Inc and I am the number one employee. So how does this employee represent this business? This is an ongoing question for this company. Side note: employee sounds dirty, I should refer to myself as the main service representative. Since I am the main service rep of this company, my character reflects all of Me.Inc.

How to build up my character?

The number one item that comes to mind about my character is that my family comes first. With every decision I make, I first reflect on how it will affect my family. I know that I have to provide a home, an income, food, transportation, healthcare and spiritual well-being for my family. Maybe this service rep should spend a bit more time improving himself as well. Since I am the main provider for Me.Inc and my family, we are limited by… me. In addition to the concern I have for my family I need to read more, pour more passion into my projects, be present whenever I am with my family and recognize the blessings I have. I thank God for them because I do not deserve this well-being.

This service representative needs to stop wasting his company’s time with excessive T.V. and social media. Some of my time would be better spent on physical fitness. I should also strive to make my interactions with my family and friends meaningful.

These traits that I desire can be daunting if I look at them all at the same time. I believe my first step is to pray for help, because this service rep wants to get better but I cannot do it alone.

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