Dog2D Game Update 1

Greetings and Salutations!

Since my last post, I have added some small enhancements to the first level. When I think about this Dog2D game, I really want to emulate a dog as the player. I have focused on thinking about the actions and mannerisms of dogs and applying those to the game.

As the dog runs I want the player to feel the excitement. When the dog barks it should grab your attention. I have added birds that fly around and tweet. I plan on adding more interactions with birds and other animals; a dog is always investigating noises and other animals so I need to add more interactions there.

bird animation

Some other small enhancements are better borders around the level, tweaking animations and adding dog collars.

dog wagging tail

I have a long list of more additions including a better inventory system and adding human sprites to interact with. I also want to implement a job system for the player as the dog: guard dog, fetching, hunting, tracking or maybe even a hospital companion dog. Thanks for reading and I hope to post another update soon.

My previous post on the Dog2D game.

The game was developed in Unity, more info can be found here.

– Powersjo

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