Great By Choice Book Review

First off, I want to thank ConnectWise for sending me this book, Great By Choice. The company I worked for became a customer of theirs and I was the lead engineer implementing their product. Then ConnectWise saw it fit to send me this book and it was a good read. So thank you to that whole team.

Did I enjoy the read? Yes, ‘Great By Choice’ from Jim Collins and Morten Hansen is a summary on a study of 14 companies and answers the question: ‘why did 7 of these companies become great and the others failed?’  Two points that stuck out to me was leaders need fanatic discipline and the ‘20 mile march wins’

Discipline is something that I wish I had more of. I can be financially frugal but when it comes to being productive with my side project I can get lazy. Fanatic discipline sets high goals and does whatever necessary to achieve them. It also does not allow the pressures from outside to shift the goals or knock them astray. One new thing I am doing is keeping track of the days that I work on my side project and trying to hit more days worked than not. It gives me a good check in the mirror, ‘am I working at a 10X level?’ Spoiler Alert: I’m not yet, but I hope to reach that level. 

‘The 20 mile march’ has some great stories tied to it. I won’t ruin them, I’m also sure the information is out there already, but the stories really bring home the point that you need to be steady with your work. Twenty miles at time, rain or shine, no more and no less. That is what gets you consistency and produces results. I can see this in my own projects as I commit to blogging, working on my side project and other personal or professional goals. Thank you for reading and I hope to post more content soon. 

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