Hunting is Discomfort is written by Sterling Hawkins and is all about pushing through hardship while embracing the experience of your situation. Discomfort is necessary and you must go through it to come out on the other side. One of his first challenges is to face your reality.

Facing Reality

First you should reflect on your situation and establish what you know. Now take what you know as a fact and challenge it. Sterling gives the example of the mile long run. At one time it was fact that the fastest human to run a mile was above 4 minutes. That fact was challenged and eventually, Roger Bannister broke that record under 4 minutes. Regardless of the current reality of your situation, challenge the status quo and push through your discomfort.

Build a Team

Sterling calls it building a street gang and the key is accountability. Have a team around you that you can rely on to give you hard truths, challenge and inspire you. Additionally, with others around you, we can get through discomfort and hard times. If it’s easier to picture failure over success, use your team to build you up.

Embrace Discomfort

Embrace discomfort and the reality of your situation. Accepting this reality is not giving up, it is acknowledgement of the pain and sacrifice of your discomfort. You aren’t ignoring it, you are accepting of this discomfort. It’s not easy to get up in front of others and present, nor is it easy to face a failure. However, once you accept it, embrace it, you can learn from that discomfort and push forward.

Hunting Discomfort Summary

Hunting Discomfort is a motivational book all about going beyond your pain and hardship and pushing forward. It provides many examples and stories to help you through your experience to obtain results.

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