The first fiction book I have read in a while, Oath of Fealty, was an easy to follow through story. This book is a sequel to The Deeds of Paksenarrion but you do not need to read those books to understand and follow this one. If you do read one of those books , this one does pick up right where the previous story ends but Paksenarrion is not the main character anymore.

Oath of Fealty splits the story into a few different directions. There are 40 chapters in the book and, while not split evenly, the story weaves the characters in an out of contact with each other while they tackle their individual conflicts.

In the book that I purchased, there is a map at the beginning and I highly recommend referring back to it throughout the read.

Since the story jumps around a bit, it is helpful to remember where characters came from and who is in charge of what area. As you read through, the cohort of one man gets passed onto another. The previous leader of the cohort becomes king of a separate land.

Another point to mention is that Elizabeth writes strong female characters into her books. Since the story splits in a few directions, I can’t say that the main character of this book is female. However, there are huge female roles that rely on valor and integrity to crown a new king in another land.

Lastly, I enjoy how Elizabeth writes the battle scenes with mid-evil weapons and magic. The battles have a good flow to them and tend to be realistic. They must use their head in battle. This keeps the battle sequences grounded and logical.

Oath of Fealty Summary

I recommend this book for fans of fiction mid-evil style books. It has multiple story lines that connect back and forth with each other. It has kings, dukes, captains with some elves and magic. The focus is on the progression of the characters and their oaths of fealty to each other, their people, their lords and gods.

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You can find yourself a copy of Oath of Fealty here or wherever books are sold. The line of books description is here from Elizabeth Moon.

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