The Go-Getter is a short story originally published in 1921 that has been repackaged by Dave Ramsey. It contains a forward by Dave and some added discussion content at the end of the book. Originally written by Peter B. Kyne, the writing reminded me of watching an old black and white TV show. It’s a good story about a veteran with a disability that lands a job at a well-sized company and proves himself a high achiever. The book is deeper than it appears with multiple layers of business advice. The following are two lessons I pulled from the book.

Control is difficult with other people

The initial dilemma is the company has a branch in China that is not performing well at all. The manager at the branch is a drunkard and the company is loosing money. They have been through multiple managers and corporate management does not agree on how to fix the problem or who should fix that branch. The ‘retired’ owner keeps coming into the office and directing business and hiring decisions. Additionally, the current corporate managers don’t trust the younger workers / managers to let them lead learn and grow. These timeless business issues set the stage for the established and new leaders in the company to rise to the occasion.

Market yourself

At the beginning you see the protagonist’s (Bill) persistence when he finally lands his interview with Cappy, the owner. You learn that Bill wanted to work there, he planned ahead and when dismissed, he persisted. He practiced his sales pitch as to why he is a good fit for the job. Lastly, he was respectful of everyone in the company. He did not bad mouth people even when they denied him a position.

The Go-Getter Summary

I recommend this short story for everyone who needs some inspiration. This will not take you long to read and it is packed with great advice. I can certainly see myself re-reading this and picking up different points as I progress in my work life.

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