When I first read the cover of The Go-Giver, I immediately wrote the book off. I thought it would tell me I need to give more money to a cause. “Give and you shall receive” came to mind. However, the book is short so I gave it a shot. I was incorrect in my assumption of the book. It’s much deeper with the concepts and it’s not about giving more to your church or a non-profit organization. The authors take you on a fictional tale about a salesman who learns about 5 business rules for a Go-giver. First of all, our lead in the story takes me to the first takeaway.

Ask for help

Our protagonist, Joe, is in sales and is not going to meet his end of quarter quota. Running out of options, he asks for help. What struck me is that his was denied help, asks again and then gets directed to someone else. Furthermore, he then got told to meet someone new and give them a call. Joe takes the offer, calls this new person up and ends up meeting with him for the next week. Essentially Joe was denied twice and still kept asking for help. There is something to be said for putting your pride behind you.

Seeing or Doing

Continuing on with the story, Joe meets this successful man and learns that the man will teach him the 5 laws of his success. The only catch is that he is to practice each law that day. It’s one thing to see or read about the law, it’s another thing to practice the law and do it. I think to myself, how many times have I read something profound and got great advice but done nothing with it?

Law of Receptivity

Finally, the one law I will mention is the “Law of Receptivity.” I struggle with this law the most. It’s meaning states that the key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. Due to pride, some of us may find this hard to receive help or receive it with a gracious heart. I know I struggle with this and that’s why I mention it. You can’t be effective in giving value to anyone else if you don’t receive help / value / gifts well.

The Go-Giver Summary

I highly recommend this book and hope you pick it up to learn about the 5 laws of the go-giver. It is a short one but you’ll pick up new things on every re-read.

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You can find yourself a copy of The Go-Giver here.

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